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BASI Pilates Legacy Program - Mentor

In November 2022, Eliane Roumie completed the BASI Pilates Legacy Program - Mentor of the Body Arts and Science International organisation, a leader in top level Pilates education for 30 years. The Legacy Program is the confluence of the art and science of learning, teaching, and practicing Pilates at the highest level. It is an exploration into the most advanced and diverse repertoire as well as the teaching nuances of the Pilates method. Legacy is the highest achievement within BASI Pilates. Graduates of this unique, one-of-a-kind educational experience are well-equipped to carry the torch of Pilates for future generations of students and teachers. The Legacy Program consists of 4 individual phases: Mentor, Master I, Master II, Honors.

Athens, 18 - 20 November 2022


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