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Artist Residency: Between the Seas

Between the Seas Residency is organized each year by Between the Seas: Mediterranean Performing Arts Organization in collaboration with the artistic space Kymothoi in Monemvasia, Greece. This year the residency program was funded and supported by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.

Eliane Roumié collaborated with Aktina Stathakis - founder and coordinator of Between the Seas Residency - for ten consecutive days (7 – 17/09) devoting their artistic research to the coupling of choreography and dramaturgy.

At the end of the research period, the artists presented their work-in-progress in the Castle of Monemvasia, a creation based on speech and movement, and inspired by the text of Argentinian author Julio Cortázar, "Don't you blame anyone".

Direction Dramaturgy

Aktina Stathakis

Choreography Performance

Eliane Roumié


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