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2 meet

Choreography Performance
Eliane Roumié and Marie Kassapian

Sound design
Anna Papaioannou

Ayda Kalaytzian and Georges Roumié

Georges Roumié and Quin Minassian

Kiara Roumié

Our Festival 6, Euripides Theater of Rematia, Athens 2020 Ayda Kalaitzian’s recording was used and supported by the Programme of Armenian Studies in the UK.

Two starting points, yet a single destination.
«2 meet» evolved into an original piece where two artists with -in half- origins from Armenia and Syria meet. The dancers approach the meaning of transition from the spectrum of their family’s background, as descendants of groups that were forced to geographical displacement. The piece is fueled by the reflection of the creators on the extent to which a cultural identity can be maintained in conditions of isolation from its source – its country of origin. The aim of the project is to explore the on-stage co-existence of the two artists while investigating the amalgam created by their origins and their common ground, Greece.

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