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ιντεκάλ انتقال

Choreography Performance
Eliane Roumié

Sound design
Buildings at Night

Georges Roumié

George Anastasakis and Alessandro de Matteis

Alessandro de Matteis

Teaser Editing
Konstantinos Kalavrezos


Solocoreografico - International Solo Dance Festival, Τurin 2023  •  Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt 2022  •  ARC for Dance Festival, Athens 2022  •  Solocoreografico - International Solo Dance, Frankfurt 2021_Special Jury Award  •  Solo Contemporary Dance Festival, Ankara 2021 - Supported by the Embassy of Greece in Ankara  •  On_Bodies Dance and Performing Arts Festival, Dancehouse Lefkosia, Cyprus 2021   Dance Days Chania 11 - International Contemporary Dance Festival, Crete 2021    SoloDuo NRW + Friends International Dance Festival, Barnes Crossing, Cologne 2020   Game Over Festival, National Technical University of Athens, 2019  •  Our Festival 5, Euripides Theater of Rematia, Athens 2019    Young Artists Festival, To Treno sto Rouf, Athens 2019

Moving places, detaching from your roots, getting away. Emigrating in search of better conditions is a process of existential evolution. A constant process of uprooting and resettling. A transition.

Transition is not linear, neither it has one direction. It consists of various elements and is a mixture of experiences. ιντεκάλ انتقال is a solo piece influenced by my origins, Greece and Syria. It is inspired from the story of a man – my father – who transitioned from one place to another in the lates 80’s. The piece is built upon the narration of Georges Roumié describing his relationship with his country of birth, Syria, and his current home, Greece.

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