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25 km - 2023 ΕΛΕVΣΙΣ European Capital of Culture

Academy of Choreography U(R)TOPIAS, under the artistic direction of Patricia Apergi and the Aerites Dance Company, is part of 2023 ΕΛΕVΣΙΣ European Capital of Culture. During its course, December 2021 - July 2023, emerging choreographers are offered a comprehensive creative research and experimentation process, as well as the acquisition of knowledge relating to the artistic field of choreography and its practices.

A unique action by the Academy of Choreography U(R)TOPIAS took place on 2 - 3/7/22 at the X - Bowling Art Center in Elefsina. Thirteen young choreographers presented their artistic works in progress drawing inspiration from the history, heritage and memory of the city of Elefsina. Eliane's Roumie piece titled 25km, which was presented in the form of a short documentary, was selected as one of the six works in progress that will continue to the second year of the Academy and be presented as site - specific piece in June 2023 at ΕΛΕVΣΙΣ European Capital of Culture.

The idea of 25km is inspired by the Eleusinian Mysteries and specifically by one of the most important events of the Mysteries, that of the ancient procession that started from Athens and ended in the Ceremonial Hall of Elefsina. Through the long journey of the Ancient Route, Eliane and her fellow artists walked in silence for 25 kilometers discovering new paths that led to Elefsina. Throughout, the artists composed site-specific artistic rituals inspired by the content of the Eleusinian Mysteries and the immersive landscapes offered by the route. The final destination of the 25km project is the proposal of a new Eleusinian procession based on the ancient and contemporary history of the place along with the human body’s need to (re)live in the now.

Concept Choreogaphy: Eliane Roumie

Performance: Zoi Efstathiou, Nancy Nerantzi, Eliane Roumie and Lea Simonsmeier

Cinematography Editing: Konstantinos Kalavrezos

Graphic Design: Yiannis Shinas and Anna Pipilis

Dramaturgical Advice: Rodia Vomvolou


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